Children's Plus, Inc.

Vendor Name: Children's Plus, Inc.
Bid Name: Books & Educational Materials
Bid Number: P00176
Award Term: January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 (with renewal options)
Award Information:

At Children's Plus, its not about US… it's about YOU! Our goal is to ensure you have the best books at the best price with the best customer service from a company that values your library. With Almost 40 years invested in supporting the library community, we built our business on a commitment to not just selling books but cultivating relationships with our vendors, our publishers and our customers.

Award Notes:  
Order Procedure:

Orders can be made by email or fax, online, or by calling customer service. The full discounted catalog can be found at A guest account is available.

Award Pricing:

Discounts up to 30% discount off publishers list price reflected in web catalog


Vendor: Children's Plus, Inc.
Contact: John G. Walsh
Street Address: 1387 Dutch American Way
City, State, Zip: Beecher, Il 60401
Phone: 800-230-1279
Fax: 800-896-7213
Vendor Website:
 Solicitation:  P00176