Coolsoft LLC

Vendor Name: Coolsoft LLC
Bid Name: Website Developer
Bid Number: P00166
Award Term: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023
Award Information:

COOLSOFT is specialized in providing Web Portals and Content Management Systems and successfully implemented many projects for several Government and Commercial clients. We have specialized team of Architects and Engineers with extensive experience in designing, development and hosting interactive, mobile enabled, multi-channel portals, and SEO and website solutions. Some of the notable solution are related to learning and content management to enable authoring, reviewing, publishing content to registered and non-registered users. Besides being a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have strong technical expertise in most of the web and content management platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet, Java, EMC Documentation, OpenText, Drupal, WebSphere, WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco, and LAMP, etc.

Some of our web and content management projects include “ESC-20 A Bright Beginning Website” , “Idaho Real Estate Commission Website”, “University of Connecticut Website”, “Missouri Tree Seedling E-commerce Website”, “Missouri.Jobs”, “Aqua Engineers Website”, “Missouri.Jobs”, “E*Trade”, “Aloha Air Cargo Website”, etc. to name a few.

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Order Procedure: Fax purchase orders to 210-503-6240 or send via email to [email protected].
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Vendor: Coolsoft LLC
Contact: Anand Krishnamurthy
Street Address: 1902 Campus Place, Suite 12
City, State, Zip: Louisville, KY 04299
Phone: 502 327-9805
Fax: 888-528-8727
Email: [email protected]
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 Solicitation: P00166