Data Projections, Inc.

Vendor Name: Data Projections, Inc.
Bid Name: Audio, Video
Bid Number: P00182
Award Term: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023
Award Information: As specialists in the creation, design and installation of state-of-the-art audio visual systems, Data Projections provides solutions for virtually every communication situation. Our strategic consultants will evaluate your communication requirements and offer a solution for your specific application that lets you communicate efficiently and cost effectively.
Award Notes:  
Order Procedure: Jessica Greening
Award Pricing: Vendor Pricing


Vendor: Data Projections, Inc.
Contact: Jessica Greening
Street Address: 3700 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite 525
City, State, Zip: Houston , TX
Phone: 832-726-1916
Fax: 713-781-3338
Email: [email protected]
Vendor Website: