Vendor Name: PatCraft (Shaw Contract Flooring Services, Inc.)
Bid Name: Carpet, Flooring
Bid Number: P00142
Award Term: October 28, 2016 through December 31, 2021 (with renewal options)
Award Information: At Patcraft, we believe that flooring is the foundation of the built environment.  That’s why we define performance as more than how our products withstand the physical demands of an environment, but also how they support human performance, including productivity, health and wellness.  For more than 70 years, we’ve been aggressively advancing research and development to provide high-performance flooring that looks great in the toughest environments. We provide flooring solutions that enhance our world and support our daily activities, so that teachers and students, principals and administration, librarians and scholars, inventors and trailblazers can pursue their objectives as effectively and as comfortably as possible.  More than a surface, flooring is the canvas upon which we move, strive, create, and dream, - upon which we perform.
Award Notes:  
Order Procedure: Order placement should be Shelli Warren: 770-276-7506
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Vendor: PatCraft (Shaw Contract Flooring Services, Inc.)
Contact: Shelli Warren
Street Address: 616 E. Walnut Ave
City, State, Zip: Dalton, GA 30721
Phone: 770-276-7506
Fax: 770-387-8217
Vendor Website:
Solicitation: P00142