Complete Book & Media Supply, LLC.

Vendor Name: Complete Book & Media Supply, LLC.
Bid Name: Books & Educational Materials
Bid Number: P00176
Award Term: January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 (with renewal options)
Award Information:

For over 20 years Complete Book & Media Supply has successfully provided books, media, punch out catalogs, and subscriptions for many of America’s top corporations, universities and most major branches of the US government. Complete Book & Media Supply will provide a fully integrated on-line solution designed specifically to meet the needs of each of your member clients as well as highly competitive pricing. Complete Book & Media Supply will provide solutions that make sense and offer value to PACE Coop’s membership; solutions that lower publication spend by as much as 30%, reduces costs associated with sourcing high-frequency, low-dollar items, and provide a customizable, online (EDI) order fulfillment platform, supported by an experienced staff, all designed to help your members lower costs and better manage their publication spend.

Award Notes:  
Order Procedure: There are a few different ways you can place an order with our company. You can create an account at: All that is needed is your email address, First and Last name, and create a password. You may also email or call in quote requests. Email is: and phone number is 800-986-1775
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Vendor: Complete Book & Media Supply, LLC.
Contact: Shea Hartgrove
Street Address: 1200 Toro Grande Drive, suite 200
City, State, Zip: Cedar Park, Texas 78613
Phone: 800-986-1775 x 119
Fax: 512-616-0410
Vendor Website:
 Solicitation:  P00176