Lakeshore Learning Materials

Vendor Name: Lakeshore Learning Materials
Bid Name: Instructional & Classroom Supplies
Bid Number: P00173
Award Term: December 15, 2016 through December 31, 2021 (with renewal options)
Award Information: Lakeshore is dedicated to creating innovative educational materials that spark young imaginations, instill a sense of wonder and foster a lifelong love of learning. With materials for infants and toddlers through the 6th grade, we help children reach developmental milestones and achieve educational goals—while still having fun!
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Order Procedure: Fax purchase orders to 210-503-6240 or send via email to
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Vendor: Lakeshore Learning Materials
Contact: Patrick Kelly
Street Address: 2695 E. Dominguez St
City, State, Zip: Carson, CA 90895
Phone: 800-421-5354
Fax: 310-537-7790
Vendor Website:
Solicitation: P00173