Dealers Electrical Supply

Vendor Name: Dealers Electrical Supply
Bid Name: Electrical Supplies
Bid Number: P00156
Award Term: January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2021 (with renewal options)
Award Information: Since 1946, Dealers Electrical Supply has responded to the needs of the Electric Industry.  With 66 branches, Dealers capabilities are proven in some of the largest building and development projects.  Hospitals, Office Buildings, Nuclear energy Plants and Generating stations are examples of the wide variety of construction projects.
Award Notes:  
Order Procedure:  Fax purchase orders to 210-503-6240 or send via email to [email protected]
Award Pricing:  Dealers Electrical Supply will offer 20% off of the list price.


Vendor: Dealers Electrical Supply
Contact: Sam Parker
Street Address: 2400 Freedom Street
City, State, Zip: San Antonio, Texas 78217
Phone: 210-828-9995
Fax: 210-828-0701
Email: [email protected]
Vendor Website:
Solicitation: P00156