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Vendor Name: Fun & Function
Bid Name: Instructional & Classroom Supplies
Bid Number: P00262
Award Term: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2024 (with renewal options)
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Fun and Function, a small woman-owned business with an expert team of educators and therapists, provides sensory solutions that support self-regulation, social-emotional learning, motor planning and more. We pride ourselves on the safety and quality of our products and provide a customer experience that is unparalleled. Our special RTI-based program, ActiveMind, helps schools to incorporate sensory-motor strategies that improve learning. This program includes classroom tools, classroom corners, sensory rooms, and professional development for teachers and parents to effectively leverage sensory materials. These programs help students with anxiety, ADHD, autism, stress, SPD and other special needs. Join us as we empower people of every ability to succeed and inspire the world to become a more inclusive place.

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Vendor: Fun & Function
Contact: Shulamis Dewick
Street Address: 737 Montgomery Ave
City, State, Zip: Narberth PA 19072
Phone: 800-231-6329 x 936
Email: [email protected] 
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