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Vendor Name: Just Right Reader
Bid Name: Instructional & Classroom Supplies
Bid Number: P00262
Award Term: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2024 (with renewal options)
Award Information: Just Right Reader decodables use the Science of Reading to create a structured phonics method because it is a highly effective way to teach children how to read. Our decodables remove the mystery behind learning how to read and creating good lasting habits for a lifetime of literacy by providing students with the tools to learn letter sounds in a clear sequence, explore how those sounds work together and how to break the sounds apart. The scope and sequence of our decodables guide students during small and whole-group learning, with a delicate balance of both structured learning and enrichment to promote engagement through moments of joy. Yes, our decodables create a sense of joy because they meet students where they are and provide them with a gradually more challenging curriculum to pave the way for successful reading and repetition. Our experience in the public school sector, including over 1.6 million books delivered to students and schools since 2019, has led to the development of our unique product, Take-Home Decodables, in which students can gain up to 121 books in their home library. We are dedicated to investing appropriately to meet the needs of school districts, such as urgency, a fluid working relationship, and fully customized orders to ensure students' success and return on investment.
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Vendor: Just Right Reader
Contact: Customer Support
Street Address: 750 N Saint Paul St., Ste 250, PMB98000
City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201-3206
Phone: 415-209-5869, 877-415-7323
Fax: 415-480-8322
Email: [email protected]
Vendor Website: www.justrightreader.com